Principal's Address :
Mrs. Savita salunkhe

Welcome to Jai Ganesh College of Education. Jai Ganesh College established in 2008, is an institution which imparts academic excellence and overall development of students and teachers. Jai Ganesh College aims at helping students to gain knowledge which is relevant to this modern era. It trains student to work in the field of secondary and higher secondary education, where they will be valued for their knowledge base skills and attitude. This is an opportunity to students, not only to enjoy training for professionally qualified college life but at the same time develop their all round personality and contribute significantly to the development of society as a whole.

It is believed that the strength of the nation is its education system. It is the education and its system that makes the country great, strong and developed. Education is a dynamic process in which innovative thoughts are supplemented persistently to construct the education in progressive approach. Teacher is a part and parcel component of education system on which all entities depend upon. Teacher does not only make planning of education system but also execute, monitor and evaluate the achievement. Teachers are considered as nation builders. Construction of nation is largely depends upon its constructors, so it is a great responsibility of teacher educator institution to impart quality education.

I believe that the students should be imparted an all round education so that they become multidimensional rather than uni-dimensional. In my view, main aim of education is to build the powers of human mind and spirit rather than just gaining information. We believe in providing our students an environment, rich in knowledge and supportive for their extra curricular interests. We aim to evaluate our students on the basis of their physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual development.

The innumerable activities that we expect the student to carry out during 2 years D.Ed. training program will give them rich organizational experience, enhance their subject knowledge, sharpen the thinking power and improve the professional networking.

The college frequently organizes seminar, symposium, debate, games and sports meet etc. Teachers of the college are actively working as defined in the preplanned calendar, semester planning and daily planning. Alumni of college are spread across the country and imparting quality education. They are actual indicators of quality education that is imparted by the college. The way of working of the management and the teachers are very innovative and appreciable, they do all the things for the welfare of the students and society.

The college has also developed its infrastructure including e-learning, psychology laboratory, science laboratory and language laboratory as well as established many cells and committee to cater the need of students.

I wish you take this as an opportunity to become a part of this family and ensure success in life.